I teach students and all ages and abilities on Baroque and silver flutes at my home in Arlington, MA.  My love for teaching began during summers teaching at Camp Encore/Coda, and I now have private students in Boston year-round.  In private lessons, I believe in focusing on posture and breathing because this leads to freedom of movement and breath, which in turn allows for better technique and musicality.  My style of teaching posture and breathing are inspired by what I have learned through study of the Alexander Technique as well as Body Mapping, though I am not certified to teach either.  These basic skills are important at any level and will be incorporated into lessons for beginners through advanced students.

I teach modern (silver) flute and piano exclusively through Jess and Friends, an incredible company dedicated to growing future music-lovers founded by my friend from Encore/Coda, Jessica Carp.  You can read more about Jess and Friends on their website.

As an historical flute specialist, I offer coachings in Baroque and Classical Style as well as baroque flute private lessons.  Please visit the Baroque Flutistry section on my Projects page to read more about these activities.

Please write to me here for modern flute and piano lessons and here for baroque flute-related questions.  I look forward to hearing from you!